mHBOT involves the breathing of concentrated oxygen in an enclosed chamber while the atmospheric pressure is increased above 1 ATA, for the purpose of exponentially increasing the rate of oxygenation of the body. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT) raises the levels of oxygen in the body’s blood plasma. Increased O2 in the plasma leads to higher amounts of O2 delivered to the body’s tissues, organs and brain. The brain uses more than 20% percent of the body’s oxygen. Only 10% of our energy comes from the food we eat, while the remaining 90% comes from oxygen. Under pressure, additional oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma and enters the tissues directly, which promotes a number of natural healing processes.



Improves strength, energy and endurance
Fast recovery times
Relieve muscle stiffness
Improve concentration and focus
Eases performance anxiety and stress
Lowers heart rate
Reduces muscular fatigue faster
Reduces lactic acid build-up
Prevents and heals injuries faster
Rapidly reduces swelling inflammation and bruising
Strengthens heart and lungs
Much faster recovery time from serious injury
Improves range of motion
Increases mental clarity and focus



Reduces chronic fatigue
relieve tension and stress
improve concentration and memory
detoxify the blood
natural remedy for headaches and migraines
improve metabolism and aid digestion
reduce fatigue and improve sleeping patterns
improve skin conditions
strengthen the immune system
decreases inflammation
forces oxygen deeper through the skin
Has an anti-aging effect
promotes angiogenesis
has a neurogenesis effect